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~The Legend Of The Tooth Fairy~

Once upon a time in a land high above the clouds, the youngest fairy child lived with her two Fairy sisters and her Fairy Princess Mother. Her Fairy sisters were older than the youngest Fairy and acted "very grown up". The youngest Fairy was not mature at all. While her sisters listened and learned Fairy lessons from their Fairy Princess Mother, she giggled and played games and thought up stories and used her fairy imagination to think about little boys and little girls in other lands. Her mother, the Fairy Princess came to see her one night as she gazed from Fairyland upon the stars. “You are not practicing your Fairy Magic, my youngest one. Your sisters are making great progress in their fairy skills. So far, you fly very well and are invisible at night but that’s about all.” “I know Fairy Princess Mother,” she said. “I don’t want to disappoint you but my most favorite thing is to fly and fly. I’m not good at my other powers except my invisible power. I use it when I fly among the children from other lands. I watch them having fun. They play and laugh all the time. They sing songs and listen to stories." She looked at her Fairy Mother and said, “I wish I was a regular child like that.” She thought her Fairy Princess Mother would be upset when she said this. But her Mother held her youngest Fairy in her arms and said. “My sweet young Fairy, you are very special. You have many skills that boys and girls in other lands don’t.” “I know.” The youngest Fairy said. “But they have friends. And they play. Fairy Mother, I LOVE children. Every time they laugh, my wings just flutter and wave. Every time they sing a song, my feet dance. Every time they cry, I want to kiss them and tell them everything will be all right. Fairy Mother, last night I was visiting a far off land with children and a little girl was laying down to sleep when her tooth fell out. She was so surprised. It frightened her-I could tell. But I flew beside her and gave her a Fairy kiss – even though she couldn't see me and right away, she felt better.” “So instead of practicing your Fairy skills, you have been visiting little boys and little girls in far off lands?” Her Fairy Mother asked. “Yes,” the youngest Fairy said, hanging her head. “I’m sorry if I have disappointed you.” Her Fairy Mother kissed the youngest Fairy and said, “You can never disappoint me, youngest Fairy. I am going to think about how your Fairy skills can be put to the best use. Now get to bed and we will talk about this again soon.” The Youngest Fairy went to bed and rested well with visions of young children dancing through her dreams. The next day during Fairy lessons; the Princess Fairy Mother said, “You have learned your Fairy skills well. It’s time we began thinking about what each of you will do next.” The Youngest Fairy was very nervous as she heard this since she knew her sisters had practiced much more than she had. Oldest Fairy Sister was asked. “How will you use your Fairy skills?” Importantly, the oldest Fairy sister said. “I am the most skilled Fairy of us all. I will rearrange the stars and keep the planets moving in the solar system. That will be my job.” “That’s a very important job,” the Princess Fairy Mother said. “What about you, Middle Fairy Sister. How will you use your Fairy skills?” The Middle Fairy Sister looked very pleased with herself as she said, “I have practiced very hard on a special skill – I will fly around the world. When two people who are alone in the world meet together, I will make invisible sparks fly and create what I call Love.” She looked at her Fairy Princess Mother for approval. The Fairy Princess Mother said, “That’s a very important job.” “And what about you, my youngest Fairy, what will be your job?” she asked. The Youngest Fairy thought and thought but she couldn't think of anything as wonderful as her sister’s jobs that she had the special Fairy skills for. Her face began to flush. Her sisters looked at her while thinking, what could she do, what would she do? The Fairy Princess Mother said, “I think the Youngest Fairy has already found her special job. She told me all about it last night.” The Youngest Fairy looked at the Fairy Princess Mother. The Fairy Princess Mother said. “Oldest Fairy sister will arrange the moon and stars. Middle Fairy sister will generate love. But the Youngest Fairy will have the most important job of all. The Youngest Fairy will fly among the little boys and girls. When they begin to grow up and lose their baby teeth, the Youngest Fairy will make it a magical experience. The Youngest Fairy will become the Tooth Fairy forever capturing the treasure of childhood and bringing laughter and gifts to little children. She will bring their lost teeth to Fairy Land where they will become stars for the Oldest Fairy Sister to arrange. That means a little part of all the children born from all the love created by the Middle Fairy Sister will always be present in Fairyland. That’s why she has most important job of all.” The Youngest Fairy could barely believe her ears. It was perfect. Her destiny was to be the Tooth Fairy. And that’s how the Tooth Fairy was born.

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