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Why DMO Patients in NYC Should Consider Switching to PPO Dental Insurance(ppo vs dmo)?

PPO DENTAL INSURANCE unlocks a world of benefits and flexibility for a truly personalized dental experience—all could be for just an extra $20 a month !!

  • Freedom to Choose Your Dentist:

With PPO dental insurance, you have the freedom to select your preferred dentist. Unlike DMO plans with limited networks, PPO plans offer a broader range of participating dentists. Keep seeing your trusted dentist, Dr. Steven Johnson, in the heart of Manhattan on Lexington Ave, while enjoying the benefits of PPO coverage.

  • Expanded Coverage Options:

Upgrade your dental coverage with a PPO plan. Experience the advantage of expanded coverage that includes cosmetic treatments, orthodontics, and specialized procedures. From routine cleanings to advanced dental solutions, a PPO plan ensures comprehensive dental care tailored to your unique oral health needs.

  • Out-of-Network Benefits:

Don't let network restrictions hold you back. PPO plans often provide out-of-network benefits, granting you partial coverage even if you choose to visit a dentist outside the network. This flexibility is ideal for those seeking specialized treatments or prefer a specific dentist who may not be in-network.

  • Flexibility and Convenience:

Life in NYC is fast-paced, and your dental insurance should keep up. PPO dental plans offer flexibility and convenience to suit your busy lifestyle. Enjoy the freedom to schedule appointments that align with your hectic schedule. Plus, benefit from less restrictive referral requirements, allowing you to directly see dental specialists, saving you valuable time and effort.

Upgrade Your Dental Care Today and ! Take charge of your dental health in the bustling city of NYC. PPO VS DMO ? Switching from DMO to PPO dental insurance opens the door to remarkable benefits and tailored care. Join the ranks of satisfied patients who trust Dr. Steven Johnson and experience the difference of a PPO dental plan. Don't wait—schedule a consultation now and discover a new level of dental excellence in the heart of Manhattan.


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