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Welcome to Dr. Steven Johnson's Midtown NYC Office Photo Gallery

Welcome to Dr. Steven Johnson's office photo gallery, where every picture represents the life-changing transformations we've helped our patients achieve. Whether it's landing a dream job, finding fulfilling relationships, enjoying a healthier diet, or simply feeling more confident in your appearance, we understand that your smile is a critical aspect of your overall well-being.

Each before and after photo is a testament to our commitment to improving the lives of our patients through their teeth as much as possible. Take a look at each picture and imagine how your own smile could be transformed.

Front teeth gaps can significantly impact your smile and self-confidence. But with the help of veneers or Invisalign, we can give you a smile that radiates in any room. Don't hesitate, make your appointment today.

Decayed front teeth can be a noticeable and uncomfortable issue, often leading to closed-lip smiles and decreased self-confidence. At Dr. Steven Johnson's office, we can help improve the appearance of your teeth with direct white fillings. With this simple and effective treatment, you can have the opportunity to smile more often and feel confident in your appearance. Don't wait, make your appointment today and start feeling proud of your smile again

Worn teeth can be caused by a variety of factors, including normal aging or acidic foods, as well as grinding or clenching. Early diagnosis can often be treated with a grinding appliance(NIGHT GUARD) to prevent further damage, while more advanced cases may require crowns. If left untreated, worn teeth can lead to sensitivity and difficulty with chewing. Contact our office to schedule a consultation and learn more about our options for restoring your smile

Broken or chipped front teeth can be a source of embarrassment and discomfort. Dental emergencies can happen at any time, but Dr. Steven Johnson's office is here to help. We offer emergency dental services and are always just one phone call away. You can feel safe knowing that your concerns are our top priority. Dr. Johnson even provides his private phone number to patients for added peace of mind. Don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any dental emergencies. Call us today to schedule an appointment

Missing back teeth can make it harder to chew food and even cause bone loss and shifting of other teeth. But with dental implants, you can restore both the function and appearance of your smile. Our experienced team at Dr. Steven Johnson's office can provide you with personalized dental implant solutions to help you enjoy a healthy, comfortable smile once again. Schedule your appointment today.

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