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  • For the first 24 hours you may experience some cold and heat sensitivity.

  • Do not consume hot foods or beverages until the anesthesia and numbness have worn off.

  • Avoid vigorous physical exercise as well as extremely hot or spicy foods for the first 24 hours.

  • Do not consume alcoholic beverages or smoke for at least 48 hours following treatment.

  • Some bleeding following a deep cleaning is normal, but if you experience excessive bleeding, please call our office.

  • You can take ibuprofen or acetaminophen as needed according to the instructions on the label or those provided by your doctor.

  • A warm salt water rinse, approximately one teaspoon in an eight ounce glass of water, three times a day can be helpful.

  • Brush and floss gently following a deep cleaning, resuming normal brushing and flossing when the soreness is gone.

  • Follow any other instructions provided by our office during your visit.

  • Please take all medications as prescribed.


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Instructions following Scaling and Root planing(Deep Cleaning)

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